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Our Super King Duvets Are Priced

From $491 to $8754.

If You Tell Me What Kind Of Sleeper You Are

I Can Help You Find The Perfect One For You

     All of our duvets come in three weights so you can have a perfect nights sleep depending on how warm your body is naturally.  Take a quick read at the following descriptions and then choose your warmth level.  Then you will choose the duvet that fits your price point.

You're a Warm Sleeper usually sleep with a very light blanket.

You're a Normal Sleeper keep the room about 68 to 70 degrees and you may sleep in some light pajamas.  Or maybe a t-shirt and some boxers. You

You're a Cold Sleeper like being bundled up and cozy.  You may even sleep with the windows open but you like to be warm under the covers.  These duvets are guaranteed for warmth if you find that you're still not warm enough, but we seriously doubt you will.

     Now once you've decided what type of sleeper you are please click one of the following that describes you best and proceed to our price list.  Remember, if you are unsure, we can always add more down if you find that your duvet is not warm enough.  We can't take down out of a duvet.  Many of our clients find that they are normal sleepers unless they are extremely hot.  If you are unsure I would choose "Normal"
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